What we do

Nakshi offers a range of authentic handloom and handcrafted products created by matchless craftsmanship and elegant designs.

We service bulk orders of all products that are available on our website as well all types of handloom apparels and handcrafted items. We can also customize depending on the quantity and type of the product.

What makes us different? We use sustainably sourced natural material, making every piece manufactured eco-friendly and not causing harm to the environment. We are committed to high quality and ensure attention to detail at every step. We value craftsmanship, pay our artisans on time, ensure they work in safe conditions and work towards protecting and preserving their skills.


We also provide interior and exterior space layout planning and decor solutions for home, offices and institutions. You can get in touch with us and we will help you provide customized solutions as per your requirements.

Through our strong manufacturing set up across craft clusters in the country, we stand tall on quality and timely order fulfillment for our retail, bulk and gifting orders.

We have worked with clients like M-junction, Bajaj, Shyam Steel, Super Shakti Plywood, Anmol Group, SRMB, Saburi Plywood etc.

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