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Nakshi Godhana Mandala Madhubani Painting

Nakshi Godhana Mandala Madhubani Painting

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Give your walls a makeover with beautiful Godhana Mandala Madhubani Handmade Unframed Painting For Home Décor.

A mandala, which is Sanskrit for “circle” or “discoid object,” is a geometric design that holds a great deal of symbolism in Hindu and Buddhist cultures. ... While extraordinary as a standalone work of art, mandalas hold symbolic and meditative meaning beyond their vibrant appearance.

Madhubani, which by one account means Forest of Honey, (‘Madhu’-honey, ‘Ban’-forest or woods) is a region in the Mithila region of Nepal and the northern part (Madhubani district) of Bihar. The Madhubani paintings is an ancient style of painting that originated 2500 years ago. Legend has it that The King of Mithila ( a region now in modern Nepal and with its capital Janakpur) had first commissioned rural artists to paint the palace walls. The occasion was his daughter’s wedding. The name of his daughter was Sita and the bridegroom was Lord Rama.

Frame finish: Unframed

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